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I know I live in the palace in the sky my fingertips dip the gold m soul should the bounty of peace and comfort I hold Against the suffering forgotten in the cold I want the strength to to of my role be come a humble soul my courage so far weak I can not find the strength, be meak My body is strong, my health vibrant, elite I know I a wrong and it gives me pause no pause but total break I have everything, feel it all and I have come so far, but so alone it is […]

Depression is sometimes common sense

Depression is sometimes common sense

Europe does not feel responsibility for Refugees? I have never been so ashamed!

Europe does not feel responsibility for  Refugees? I have never been so ashamed!

All over the world we have more refugees than ever before. Even taking into account that there are more people on the planet than ever, this does not mean that they matter any less.   There are due to wars, famine, political persecution and environmental disasters that are forcing people to migrate. When the world was free and open this was a normal thing. People moved to where ever it was safer. With groups now deciding that they own the safest nicest part of the planet and having had long enough to settle and  become myopic and refuse to share, […]

The biggest theft in the history of mankind. That is what the campaigne for net neutrality is trying to prevent.

The Internet was not developed by the industries or government. It was developed by intellectuals and free thinking individuals who gave it to all the people of the world, FREE. So to take control would be nothing short of the biggest theft of property in the history of the world. This is the most basic right of life. Everyone has the same rights as everyone else. In the world we all, myself included during my time as a serviceman talk about defending. ISIS are saying that they have the right to tell us all what we should think. Now you […]

Empathy WOULD save the world if we let it.

Watching the story of James Last lead my thoughts all the way to saving the environment. I know, it is an unusual destination from that departure location. here is the route map. Follow me to world salvation. James last is in his 80’s. He is still going out on stage to do what he obviously loves to do. He has sold more records than the Rolling stones and after the death of his first wife he has found love a second time. He lost all his money through some unfortunate financial decisions and trusting bad advice. At 70 he managed […]

Men are not the the enemy!

Men are not the the enemy!

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